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Preparing for Your Tattoo

There are a few important things to bear in mind before you get a tattoo, and to make sure you have a good experience and get the best results we compiled some guidelines for you.

Let's start with how best to prepare for your appointment. First of all, please try to take it easy the day before the tattooing session and refrain from physical exercise. In an ideal world you show up to the appointment relaxed and well rested after a good night's sleep. Please don't take drugs and don't go crazy on alcohol during the days and nights immediately prior to the session. Even if it's not always doable, try to avoid stress as much as possible. And please make sure to schedule enough time on the day.

Before you head out, take your time and eat a full and healthy breakfast. Getting a tattoo will strain your organism and can be quite exhausting. A good breakfast will prevent a blood circulation collapse during or after the session. There is no need to go beyond your regular routine of daily hygiene, please do not shave or cream the tattooing area – we are going to take care of all of that in the studio. There are some helpful guidelines for suitable clothing as well. For starts, do not wear anything too tight - any clothing that squeezes your body in any way can be problematic. Instead, opt for light and loose clothing. Pressure marks from bras, waistbands or socks can have a massive effect on the outcome of the tattoo. Also, do yourself a favor and leave your favorite shirt or your brand new sneakers at home to avoid the risk of having anything ruined by small stray drops of blood or color.

If you're working on the day of your appointment, or even if you're just out and about all day, please take the time to go home to take a quick shower and change your underwear before the session. Hygiene of the feet and private parts is especially important.

Especially if you're getting your first tattoo, we completely understand that you may want to bring a friend or family member to the appointment. However, experience taught us that it is much better for both sides, you and your tattoo artist, if come to the session alone. Company causes distraction, which is counterproductive. Having someone by your side also tends to make it more difficult to deal with the pain involved, your pain threshold will in fact be enhanced with someone else watching. For hygenic reasons, and to prevent unnecessary distraction, kids and dogs are not allowed in the tattoo studio as a matter of general policy. Please keep glass bottles, drugs and alcohol also away from the shop.

If you have an illness or any condition that may influence the tattooing process, it is crucial that you tell us before the session. Same goes for medication, if you are on anything whatsoever let us know! If you have allergies or are sensitive to certain substances, we need to hear it. We take your health very seriously, which is also why we do not tattoo women during times of pregnancy or periods of breastfeeding.

If you live outside of Berlin and made your appointment via phone or e-mail, please stop by the studio the day before the actual tattooing session. It's better for both sides to have an advance chat about everything in person, and always good to discuss any questions that you may still have at that point. We finish the design drawing for your tattoo on the day before the session. Up until that point feel free to tell us about any additional ideas you may have or changes you may want to make to the design. As a matter of policy, we don't send design sketches via e-mail. If there is something important to discuss, we encourage you to stop by at the studio, you're always welcome. We take all your wishes seriously and are here to give you the best possible experience and result.

If for whatever reason you can't make a scheduled appointment, please cancel with us three working days in advance. If you don't show up without letting us know, we will retain your downpayment. If you're tattoo is done in multiple sittings, your downpayment will be deduced from the fee for the last session. Please be aware that your personal appointments are only for you and may not be transferred to others.